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Safety & Support

Your safety is our priority

Impact Gap Year is committed to providing safe travel experience for all participants. We accomplish this through constant communication before, during, adn after arrival, orientations, workshops, and offering top-notch cultural and safert resources throughout the gap year process.

Trusted Partners

We collaborate with the industry’s leading pioneers in travel, study, and work abroad, which guarantees that all of our programs are carefully vetter. Learn more about our partners by clicking here.

Alcohol and Substance Policy

The use of drugs and alcohol lowers inhibitions, which can lead to theft, assault, and physical harm. Impact Gap Year has zero-tolerance policy for illegal drug and substance use, and such use maybe result in program termination.

Countries allow drinking at the age of 18; however, excessive drinking that interferes with the participants and/or others’ time in the program may result in dismissal.

We strongly advise all participants to act responsibly and avoid any substances that endanger their own or others’ safety. 

Vaccines and Immunizations

We recommend getting the vaccines and immunizations recommended by the Centers of Disease Control and Preventions following the participating countries in your program.

Once you have been officially places in one of our program. you will receive a list of required and recommended immunizations in your welcome packet.

Culture Shock

Experiencing cultural differences in different countries and objectively overcoming, embracing, and adapting to certain beliefs and ideas is part of the learning experience of taking a gap year abroad. Because of our years of volunteer presence, many of our program locations are accustomed to encountering a variety of foreigners. However, it is likely you will still receive extra attention and witness circumstances that are different than in your home country.

  • LGBTQ+ Participants

Some of our program locations have different attitudes toward members of the LGBTQ+ community. when selecting one of our regional programs, it is critical to research the local community’s levels of tolerance and discriminatory legislation. Public displays of affection between members of the same sex may be prohibited in some countries. Impact Travel Group organizes programs in a variety of LGBTQ-friendly countries. Please contact us if you require any additional information.

  • Female Participants

Countries with more patriarchal societies may surprise many female traveller’s. Dressing modestly is advise for visitors to conservative countries to respect the local culture and avoid drawing unwanted attention.

  • Poverty

Expect living conditions that are different from those in your home country. Extreme begging, underdeveloped sanitation systems, and/or common occurrences of petty theft my occur in some program locations. Our program leaders, a mix of local and international staff, have earned the trust of the local communities, ensuring the safety and well-being of all gap year participants. Using common sense, such as storing all of your belongings in a secure location, keeping a close eye on your surroundings, and avoiding carrying or wearing flashy objects, are just a few of the many ways you can protect yourself, just as you would in any country.

All of our programs include cultural sensitivity training to help you deal with common discrepancies that may arise during your stay.

Dietary Restrictions

Participants are served loca food based on the program’s options. Before the program, dietary accommodations can be requested, and Impact Gap will do its best to accommodate each participants dietary needs.


All program participants must adhere to the COVID-19 requirements of each participating country. We recommend that all participants be immunized against COVID-19 before beginning the program. If a participant contracts COVID-19 at any point during their stay, they will be quarantined as determined by the program.


At Impact Gap Year, we are committed to creating a world where individuals are empowered to lead. where ethical practices prevail, and where young people are equipped to create positive change. Join us on this journey of growth, collaboration, and impact.

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