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Financing Your Gap Year

How to Fund your Gap Year

We understand that a gap year abroad can come with a hefty price tag, especially a visit to the other side of the world, where additional expenses like vaccination and visa need to be considered as an additional cost to your program fee with Impact Gap Year.

Figuring out how to afford a gap year abroad can be intimidating, but there are several ways to make sure you have a fun and financially secure time abroad. Saving money before, in addition to scholarships, grants, and crowdfunding are the most common ways to finance your gap year trip.

If you want to join our expeditions but need to raise funds, then raising money through clever innovations, creativity, and crowdfunding is the way forward!

Here, you’ll discover details about how we support you and a few fundamental fundraising suggestions that you can consider implementing to cover your project fee and travel expenses.

Determining the travel costs

Before planning your gap year, it’s crucial to calculate the total budget required to make a successful gap year. Factors to consider:

  • Program fee
  • Expenses for both international and internal flights between countries.
  • Visa fees
  • Vaccine
  • Extra funds for gifts and excursions
Three tips for finding cheap airfare
  • Use flight search engines

Our favorite affordable flight finders, Skyscanner and Momondo, compare the prices of hundreds of airlines.

  • Fly into less expensive airports

Because large airports offer more frequent international flights, choosing the less popular airport will save oyu at least 30% on cost.

  • Have flexible travel dates:

Try leaving in the middle of a week as opposed to a weekend. Participants enjoy traveling before the program start date, meaning you can actually save money having a pre-vacation!

Take Advantage of Student Discounts!

From accommodations to flights, college-aged participants can find excellent rates on a variety of website and platforms. Here are some of our favorite travel companies that provide student discounts to traveller’s under the age of 26.

1.  Student Universe

Student Universe offers flights and hotel rooms.

2. CheapOair

CheapOAir finds cheap flight deals for students.

Online fundraising

You can launch an online fundraising page through our sister site, FundMyTravel, where you can create an account, introduce yourself, and share information about the gap year program where you’ll be participating in. Through your campaign page, you can receive donations from family and friends that could go to your travel costs.

Fundraising through sponsored activities

In many places, there are regularly organized charity events like runs, bike rides and other activities. While the registration fees typically go to the charity organizing the event, you often have the option to designate the recipients of your sponsorship money. This presents an excellent opportunity to raise funds for your travels while also contributing to worthy cause – a win-win situation!

A fantastic approach to raise funds for your volunteering journey is by participating in sponsored activities. This involves setting a personal challenge for yourself, such as giving up something, shaving your hair, or even skydiving. People can then donate money to support your cause and motivate you to achieve your goal.

Alternatively, you may consider organizing your own sponsored event. It’s advisable to plan well in advance. This not only provides time for preparation, especially if it’s a sporting activity, but also allows you to gather more sponsors, thereby increasing the funds for your travels.

Promoting your event is a surefire way to attract more sponsors. Reach out to your local newspaper and share the details of your initiative; you might even secure sponsors from them.

Fundraising through selling items

If you have items that you no longer want or need, consider participating or starting a garage sale. You can create a sign explaining that you’re selling these items to raise money for your gap year abroad. Mention your target amount; this can motivate people to purchase from you, knowing their money supports a great cause. It could even add value to your items, as buyers feel more content knowing their purchases contribute to a meaningful endeavor.

You can also consider making and selling homemade cakes, biscuits, jams or chutneys. Homemade goodies are always a hit.

Alternatively, you can use online selling platforms like eBay or social media marketplace to raise funds from the comfort of your home. You’d be surprised at how much people are willing to pay when you provide clear photos and detailed item descriptions.

Fundraising through jobs

Get creative, advertise within your neighborhood to offer your services and receive funds. Make eye-catching signs to let passersby know you’re fundraising your gap abroad. Explore your surroundings and identify ways to assist your neighbors. You could take on tasks like dog walking, car washing, ironing, weeding, lawn mowing, or even offer to help your neighbor with fence painting.


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