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Frequently Asked Questions

During the Program

From the minute you arrive until the moment you depart, all programs follow a carefully organized itinerary, with provided lodging, meals, and all of the materials needed to embark on a successful gap year abroad.

What is the accommodation for Impact Gap Year programs?

Housing will vary per project and participants will live in housing provided by each project site. Accommodation can include homestays, hostels, and other forms of shared volunteer lodging. Accommodation details can be found on each program page for your information.

What are the typical inclusions of a program?

These are some of the inclusions, but not limited to:

  • Housing and accommodation
  • Meals
  • Airport welcome and transfers
  • Extensive pre-departure information and support
  • Onboarding assistance for travel preparation 
  • Post arrival orientation
  • Local onsite coordinator with 24/7 availability
  • Project training & equipment while on the ground

Are flights and transportation arranged?

International flights to and from the programs and in-between countries are not included. You need to book your flights in between projects and also for your personal activities. However, Impact Gap Year will organize all ground transportation. Once you have started on your program, transportation will be provided to go to your site.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions and food allergies?

Participants are served the local cuisine of the project locations, with vegetarian and vegan options available upon request. If you have any dietary restrictions, please inform us so that we can make specific arrangements.

How much free time will I have?

Program hours are typically in an 8-hour work day, including lunch. A lot of times, participants will do most of their work in the morning and have their afternoons free for other activities, community exploration, and any additional work that needs to be completed. Participants have weekends and local holidays off to explore their surroundings and nearby locations. 

Can I travel before or after my program?

Get in touch with us to arrange your travel dates, as it may conflict with your project schedules. We encourage participants to arrive earlier or stay longer than the program start dates to relax and enjoy the region. Keep in mind that each country has differing tourist visa laws, and it is your responsibility to take the necessary steps to stay in the country legally. Impact Gap Year is not responsible for participants who overstay their visas before or after the duration of any of our programs.

Can my family and friends contact me during my program?

Yes, we understand you want to get in touch with your family while away in a different country. However, please note that contact may be limited. The frequency of your contact will be determined by your project leader and may vary from each project. 

This limitation is set up to ensure that you will be fully immersed in your projects.

Can my family visit me in my program?

Because of the characteristics of our programs, students typically cannot spend time with friends or family during the program. However, some families do reunite with their students after the program and go on joint travels.


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